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Rates & Packages

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Here are some packages that are suitable for most clients. If you'd like to realise a special project, don't hesitate to contact Argaive to discuss it. Please note that the minimum rate is $299.99.

Forms of payment accepted: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Interac, and cash of course.

Studio photography

Studio sessions offer simple yet effective settings that place the emphasis on the model (that's you) and will give you professional quality photos suitable for either professional or personal use at a friendly price.

Studio session


  • four to five hours duration
  • up to two lighting/decor scenarios
  • 12 web images (.jpg) or 4 8x10 prints included

Mini session


  • two to three hours duration
  • one lighting/decor scenario
  • 6 web images (.jpg) or 2 8x10 prints included

In between


  • three to four hours duration
  • one lighting/decor scenario
  • 9 web images (.jpg) or 3 8x10 prints included

Contact Argaive to find out more.

Location photography

Minimum rate


This rate does not include rental fees or MUA.

If you have a preferred location such as in your home or a swanky hotel room or condo, Argaive can come to you.

If you'd like to reduce costs, you can share a location session with some friends. Contact Argaive to get a quote.

Event photography

Base rate


Argaive can document your event for posterity; he has covered many types of events including cocktail parties, fashion shows, variety shows, and concerts.

The total price will vary depending on your requirements. Please don't hesitate to contact Argaive for a quote.