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Intimate Glamour Boudoir Nude Erotic Photography

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Cover: Clémentine ©2017 Argaive Cover: Clémentine ©2017 Argaive
Cover: Clémentine ©2017 Argaive Cover: Clémentine ©2017 Argaive


  • for social media and dating sites
  • professional, promotional, or for your model portfolio
  • to make a very special gift
  • just for you - celebrate your body!

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Events & Shows

For bright and crisp images that showcase the ambiance and the event as a whole as well as your performers and participants.

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Which style should I choose?

Which style to choose?

Audacity, titillation or discretion? It's for you to choose; what's important is for you to be comfortable while doing something out of the ordinary.

Which style to choose?

How do I get ready?

So you've booked a photo shoot with Argaive. Thank you! What's the next step? A bit of preparation will make your experience more enjoyable.

How to get ready


Who is Argaive?

Just so you know who you're dealing with, Argaive is a nice enough fellow with a subtle but interesting sense of humour. No worries though; he's also a true professional who's been doing photography for years.

Who is Argaive?

What they've said

Writer Lawrence Papoff published an article about yours truly on his website, Still, hasn't that thought come over you — of unleashing your inner beauty... Be naughty!

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Argaive's Daily Pic

Photographed in my studio with a Sony A900 DSLR and studio lights…

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Free the nipple!

Through his photography, Argaive wants to promote body-positive and sex-positive attitudes and values. It's high time to end double standards and arbitrary values.

Free the nipple!